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What is a Drainer?

A drainer designs, installs and properly maintains drainage systems which are below ground, as well as effluent disposal systems or associated sewerage. Licensing or registration is required. Versatile Civil Works are your fully licensed Perth Drainers with the equipment and experience to help you with your construction project.

Drainer Tasks

To determine the layout of plumbing systems and what materials are necessary, the studying of drawings, blueprints, and specifications.

Setting out and the installation of cold and hot water systems and the equipment associated.

The installation of fire protection systems which are water-based including fire hydrants, sprinkler systems, and hose reels.

The design and installation of water supply and sanitary plumbing systems, sanitary fixtures and discharge pipes.

Fabricating and installing waste and soil stacks.

The assembly and installation of mechanical services plant, small bore heating systems and air handling and air conditioning equipment.

The installation of effluent and sewerage pumping equipment and disposal systems.

Below-ground drainage system installation along with associated ground support systems.

The installation of gas appliances, flues, and devices to regulate pressure.

The installation of metal roofs, flashings and rainwater goods.

Do I Require A Drainer Or A Plumber?

At some point in time, a water-related emergency will happen in a majority of households. Whether it is a leak under the sink, a tap that will not switch off, or a blocked drain, professional assistance will be required. For a lot of people, the decision as to whether it best to call a drainage expert or a plumber can be a difficult one to make. To make that determination, follow this straightforward guide and determine the best choice for the job.

Trench Digging

We have the equipment for all drainage solutions

A Drainage Expert’s Specialty Is Wastewater

It is a drain expert that should be called on any problem regarding the removal of water from a property. This is because the problem will invariably be a blockage or a leakage in a drainage pipe.


Drainage Work

Drainage services will include the unblocking of drains, dealing with burst external pipes and replacing and relining drainage pipes.

On the other hand, plumbing services will usually relate to water entering a property, so that it covers things such as replacing toilets, dripping taps, and repairing internal pipe leaks.

Monitoring And Surveillance Role

Drainage specialists, in addition to removing blockages and performing repairs, also are so important in preventing drainage problems before they actually happen. As pipes continue to age, chips and cracks can appear that compromise the pipe’s integrity and that also provide a surface that can accumulate fat.

To discover the condition of the existing pipework, CCTV inspections are undertaken by drainage companies and they can then make recommendations for repairs or replacement. In addition, they can undertake the high-pressure cleaning that may be required of the pipework that will help offset any damaging buildup from happening.

Removal Of Foul Waste

Whether you are an agricultural enterprise that generates slurry or have a septic tank by your house, the liquid will need to be removed at some point. A tanker service is operated by drainage specialists that will remove the waste hygienically and appropriately dispose of it.

Safe transport of foul waste is vital and this is by far best handled by a drainage expert.

Sewer Pipe Experts

Very often, for both homeowners and commercial enterprises. some sections of sewer pipe are their responsibility. Prompt action is vital if you have a faulty pipe as problems can easily escalate to adjacent homes and businesses.

A drainage expert is essential for this type of work as plumbers do not normally work on sewer pipes.

So Remember…..

In general, issues that concern sewage disposal and foul waters are the expertise of the drainage company, while problems relating to water supply fall under the veil of the plumber.

The bottom line is that you should not let problems lay unattended. For a free quote on our drainer services, contact Versatile Civil Works today!


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