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The images below showcase our work and what it looked like prior to soakwell installation. These are all Perth based projects.

Project Details:

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Site Levelling

Versatile Civil Works is capable of clearing your garden bed or lawn areas and larger areas.

To ensure that water doesn’t flow towards the foundation of a new home, one of the first steps for many construction companies is to create a slope from the home’s foundations. However, if the land is almost completely flat, it can be a challenge to create this slope for the water to run off.

Why Site Grading is Essential

Grading is essential to prevent damage, especially if the existing site is such that the water actually flows towards the house. Correct drainage to the surrounding land is also a positive result of grading.

Bobcats, or skid steer loaders, are typically used to create slopes as well as site levelling, along with a device known as an auto leveler.


Here we are levelling a site in Perth in preparation for a paving project.

What Is Site Levelling?

It is, of course, important that any new house is built on ground that is 100 percent level, which is why levelling the site is such an essential part of the construction process.

One of the most useful tools is a dumpy level or auto leveler and this is used to determine whether the ground is level, by measuring the heights of two specific points along a horizontal plane.

Construction Process

Driveways, paths and various other areas around the site of the new home may need to be level too, and the same site levelling technique is used to determine whether the ground is level.

However, the construction process itself, as well as the use of certain machinery, can actually alter the level of the site, meaning that the levelling process has to be carried out again.

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