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Utility Installation

Versatile Civil Works has a team of experienced and reliable drainers, cable layers and machine operators to lay underground services. We work with Perth developers and property owners who are looking to prepare their site for development and construction. Our experience in site preparation makes us the ideal and affordable choice for your project. Get a free quote from us today.

The Process

Typically the process of utility installation first involves us reviewing your site plans and construction blueprint. From this we can determine where to run the cables and pipes. These are placed in preparation for the laying of the foundation slab with all the relevant end points in place. Once the foundation is in place and the site is adequately prepared, a qualified plumber and electrician can connect activate the installation.

Utility Trench dug and prepared by Versatile Civil Works

Utility trench dug and prepared by Versatile Civil Works

Temporary Water and Electric Supplies

A supply of fresh water is a must at any construction site, not only for drinking but to enable tasks such as mixing concrete and the use of various power tools. And a supply of water is also needed to ensure adequate toilet facilities for the construction crew.

A temporary construction permit is requested by the builder from the local water supplier, while the site is being prepared. There may be certain restrictions on the use of this water supply, which is generally set up at the front of the block, such as not to be used for watering plants. Another important responsibility of the builder prior to the commencement of construction is the connection of a temporary utility installation to supply electricity.

All the essential utilities and services will then be installed in the home once building has finished. These include a supply of fresh water as well as sewage and electricity and of course, the required supply and metering equipment will also need to be installed.

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